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PIP&CO Interiors commissioned Webstraxt to design and build a new Magento site for the launch of their new website. The site needed to be clean, clear and reflect the brand values of the company.

To meet the website vision provided by the Pip&Co team, their requirements were captured in a series of design and technical specifications and wireframes were compiled to show the overall layout of the site before design work began.

A key part of the brief provided by Pip&Co was to ensure the website synced seamlessly with their third party retail channels. To achieve this goal, they selected the Magento M2E module to link directly into Amazon & eBay. The final site syncs product data, stock and orders automatically from their Magento Store to both Amazon and eBay. Orders placed on both marketplaces are automatically synced into Magento admin, providing a single place to manage all orders across the business.

Beautifully Responsive

Contemporary State-of-Art Buying Online

Pip & Co. Interiors
Pip & Co. Interiors

Technologies Used

A Feature Rich Custom Built Magento Store

Pip & Co offer plentiful SKU’s online with customised buying options and required a platform perfect for them. The Magento framework with M2E extensions allowed Pip & Co to store hundreds of SKU’s, organise their stock online and manage third party sales all in one place.

This SEO friendly high performance platform allows easy integration into different platforms and has the flexibility to grow with a business. This is the eCommerce platform, nothing else but pure eCommerce.

Are you thinking of making the step to Magento? Call on our of our team today to discuss integrations, design and the platform functions.

Pip & Co. Interiors

2018 Magento Statistics

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“Magento Powers over 28% of Websites across the internet. Every year Magento handles £95,780,080 in transactions.”

Statistics provided by BuiltWith - 2018

Bespoke Design

Delivering a truly unique experience whilst meeting brand and vision values of the company.

Pip & Co. Interiors
Pip & Co. Interiors
Pip & Co. Interiors
Pip & Co. Interiors