Never go in without a Skin.

Promoting safe sex since 2006.

Skins Condoms came to Webstraxt seeking a complete site refresh and optimised Ecommerce experience. Their existing Ecommerce experience was a barrier to conversions and their site needed a new design and optimised Ecommerce platform.

Based on the brands requirement to offer a streamlined Ecommerce experience and their ambitious plans for growth, the Skins website was launched on the Magento platform. A customised homepage, mega navigation and product page provided the functionality Skins need to engage their target audience.

Unlike traditional online retailers, Skins needed their platform to work for both B2C and B2B users. A core part of their strategy growth is focused on attracting new retailers and buyers worldwide. This requirement formed the foundation of the final solution delivered.

A Beautifully Responsive User Experience

Innovative eCOmmerce Intelligence

Skins Condoms
Skins Condoms

Technologies Used

A beautiful Magento Store

With advanced integrations and API frameworks, Magento offers the perfect suite for large retailers with unique needs. Skins Condoms chose the Magento platform to accompany their eCommerce experience and plans for growth.

With various different products and variations Magento could help Skin’s to organise their products and integrate with third party retailers such as Amazon and Ebay to maximise sales across the Skins Brand.

Skins Condoms

Magento 1 V's Magento 2

Making the Experience Faster

“Using the Magento 2 platform cuts the consumer checkout time by a third, taking on average 5.89 seconds for a customer to checkout. ”

Source of Information - WebsiteBuilder.Org

Designed Around The Brand

A custom designed and built Magento store. Designed to incorporate the feel of the brand and it’s values.

Skins Condoms
Skins Condoms
Skins Condoms
Skins Condoms