With 2019 now truly upon us, we thought we’d grab the opportunity to share some tips for how to succeed online in 2019.

With the increasing competition in eCommerce only expected to continue, 2019 holds risk to becoming just another company selling ‘stuff’ online. With the influx in competition, consumers are becoming more empowered than-ever.


Yeah it sounds like something you’d hear in a BTEC business lesson, but consumers are now demanding more personalised and relevant businesses, whose brands values relate to theirs. With the increased competition online and increased consumer choice, online shoppers are choosing companies who exist for the same reasons they do. It only makes sense really, who wouldn’t choose a company that supports the same things as you?

The takeaway? If you don’t already, you need to make sure your brands values shine through to customers and shows them why you care about the things you say you do. If you ever owned a company that sells recycled paper, show your customers how much you care about the environment and why it matters. You can bet people who are searching specifically for recycled paper are bothered about the environment too! Don’t forget to take a leaf out Deborah Meaden’s book. Not only will this help customers choose you, it’ll also make you more memorable and with voice search becoming super popular, memorable is exactly what you need.


 Multi-Channel Marketing 

Advertising your company through multiple platforms, such as Google, Instagram & Facebook is not a new concept at all, so why are we saying it’s so important for 2019? With consumers’ attention becoming the most valuable asset for online businesses, getting their attention in the first place can be difficult. With the increased competition online making your company stand-out is not easy! If you market your company through a number of channels, you’re not only increasing your chances of being seen, but reducing your companies’ risk to one platform.

We’d also recommend doing this because you can see which platform your target customer responds to best, some call it AB testing. You might be running Facebook Ads with a degree of success but if you’re not testing other channels, how do you know you won’t double your marketing sales and decrease the cost with another platform? There’s really only one way to find out.


 Social Media 

We’ve talked about this before and it’s no secret that social media is enormous channeling for businesses. With companies becoming more and more connected with their customers through social media, getting the attention of consumers needs to involve a strong social engagement strategy.

How? You need to firstly create content that adds value. Make content that people actually care about and want to see. Then, engage with them! Talk to your loyal followers, make them feel special and show them you’re ‘listening’ to them and their opinions.


 User Experience 

So, we’ve mentioned a few times now the increased competition and increased consumer choice, and we’re going to mention it one last time. If your website doesn’t load fast, doesn’t look pretty and doesn’t offer an all-round good user experience, your visitors will go elsewhere. And why wouldn’t they? There’s plenty of companies to choose from online and it’s not difficult to find them. We’re not trying to scare you, but it’s the harsh reality of the online landscape! So make sure your website is top-notch and ultimately helps the viewer with what they’re trying to achieve.



Last tip of the day is Re-targeting. It’s quite an obvious one really and no it’s not anything revolutionary. But if you want to really cut through the noise and get someone’s attention, you need to be using clever, relevant re-targeting that makes people come back to you. An example could be, going back to our differentiation/branding tip, to show people why you care about what you believe in and how you support the same things as them.


So that’s the Webstraxt run down of some of the things we believe will show strong growth opportunities in 2019.

If you need anymore advice, tips or actions, simply get in touch and we’d be happy to help you out, give us a call or contact us.