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Integrate your Magento store to Khaos Control with our Magento integration. Utilising the powerful Khaos Control 2.0 API, enable real time integration for sales orders, downloads, custom pricing and much more. Save time running your business and reduce costs that result from inaccurate information. Our Khaos Control to Magento functionality is provided by our own custom module. Developed by our team of Magento Certified Developers.

Need to integrate your store with Khaos Control and looking for an ERP integration partner? Get in contact with us to discuss how we might be able to help you.

  • Stock Control Software.
Stock Control Software.

Integration Features

Our integration provides a wealth of features for controlling data flow.

Sales Order Sync Sales Order Sync

Sales orders are automatically synced from your Magento store to your Khaos Control Solutions account.

Order Status Order Status

Keep customers updated on the status of their order – As you move orders through the dispatch manager.

Stock Levels Stock Levels

Keep inventory across your website and Khaos Control Solutions automatically in sync.

Product Data Upload Product Data Upload

Automatically sync product description and product pricing on an overnight cron.

Custom Pricing Custom Pricing

Custom endpoints allow real time, customer specific pricing information.

Credit Accounts Credit Accounts

Allow credit account customers to place account orders and check their credit/balance limit in real time.

Custom Magento Module Custom Magento Module

Webstraxt's own custom Magento module, designed by our team of Magento Certified Developers.

Support Helpdesk Support Helpdesk

Our handy online help-desk gives you access to our expert support staff 24/7. There when you need us most.

How Khaos Control Works...

Seamless Integration & Data-Flow

How Khaos Control Works...
Sales Order Sync
Order Status
Stock Levels
Discount Sync
Purchase Orders
Sales Orders
How Khaos Control Works...

Our Integration Approach.

Custom Magento Module

Webstraxts own custom Magento module, created by Magento certified developers, ensures the fast and reliable passing of order and pricing data between Khaos Control and your Magento store. Our integration specialists will work closely with you to implement and troubleshoot the integration process, with support on-hand whenever you need it. Khaos Control can help reduce cost and improve overall business efficiency, contact us today to see how we can help. With our extensive expertise in ERP systems and proven track record, choose Webstraxt as your integration partner.

Our Integration Approach.
Our Integration Approach.

Webstraxt are a leading, trusted partner in ERP integrations. If you have an ERP project and want to know whether we’re the right choice for you, use the contact form below or call to tell us your requirements. We understand that finding an ERP integration partner can be hard and a big investment for your business. We’re honest, providing a clear and simple approach. Get in contact to see what we can do for you.

Our Approach

We believe in providing simple, honest advice.

Requirements Gathering Requirements Gathering

Starting with your requirements, We’ll work with you to compile a detailed strategy and specification that outlines your goals.

Product Mapping Product Mapping

Our team of creative and technical web experts will transform your brief into a masterpiece.

Full Integration Full Integration

Design and functionality testing highlights any issues or points of friction prior to the final project launch.

Pre Go-Live Testing Pre Go-Live Testing

Launching your project is just the beginning, we provide a full range of marketing and support services to help drive long term growth.

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