Hyvä + Webstraxt

For the past 2 years, Webstraxt has fully committed to delivering Magento sites on the Hyvä framework - in fact, all our custom eCommerce builds are now built with Hyvä. We believe site speed shouldn’t impact conversion rate, and the Hyvä framework provides lightning-fast page speed and passes all Core Web Vitals ‘out of the box’. With experience designing, building, and deploying Hyvä sites, we’re the agency of choice for brands looking to stand above the competition.

Hyvä is the next generation framework for Magento Open Source & Adobe Commerce that delivers lightning-fast eCommerce

Outstanding Performance

The Hyvä framework for Magento provides next generation performance when compared to Magento’s Luma Theme and plays nicely with Magento Checkout.

  • By default, Hyvä Scores 100/100 in Google PageSpeed tests.
  • “Out the box” passing on all core web vitals.
  • Increased performance, better usability and higher conversion rates.

Reduced Complexity

Hyvä Themes use the default Magento templating system but are built from the ground up to remove complexity and simplify frontend architecture.

  • Removes over 200 JS and CSS files delivered in standard Magento.
  • Uses just 2 JS/CSS files with a footprint of 0.2MB
  • Introduces alpine JS and tailored CSS to future-proof and simplify builds.

A Hyvä Partner Company

Webstraxt are proud to be an official Hyvä Bronze partner. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering best in class Hyvä solutions.

  • Experienced in building & deploying sites on the Hyvä framework.
  • A growing portfolio showcasing what’s possible with Hyvä themes.
  • Committed to improving the Hyvä framework to deliver lightning-fast sites.
We have over 2 years experience building, migrating and deploying stores to the Hyvä framework. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our case studies

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