Social Media in 2019

It’s no secret that social media is now a huge part in marketing for all businesses. If you’re currently using social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, to market your products or services, but feel you’re not utilising them to their fullest potential, this is the article for you.

When it comes to social media, there’s one phrase that’s stuck with me. Content is king. It’s really important to be posting frequently, like 2 times a day, to engage with your followers and increase your rate of growth. With so much content being posted to the platforms every second, by posting frequently you increase your chances of being seen. Content is really a numbers a game, and you only need one post to capture someone’s attention which could result in a conversion.

Quality over Quantity. A slight contradiction to what I’ve just said, yes, but it’s really important that your content is high quality and above everything, adds value. Your posts should give something to your intended audience, so for example, if you’re a car detailer, you could post high quality images of the cars you’re working on. You could add value by showing how you detail cars, use Instagram stories to show the behind the scenes, etc. You get the idea.

Ask yourself the question, if you were the target viewer, what would you want to see?

You might wonder why this is going to be helpful, surely it’s more work than it’s worth? I’ve actually been surprised by the effectiveness of social media for business and just by adding as much value to viewers as possible, you can really boost your businesses presence and bottom line. Think about it, who would you choose, a company with 10K followers/likes and a great, high quality feed, or a company with 500 followers/likes whose feed is random and not helpful? The answer is obvious, right?

So, so far we’ve discussed posting high quality content and doing it frequently. It might not sound a lot, but this really is the bread and butter of social media, at the end of the day, they’re content platforms.

I mentioned this very briefly above, show the behind the scenes of your business. It’s important to make your followers feel like they’re getting the inside scoop. Not only is this great content that makes your business more personable, but it’s also a great way at building trust. People trust people and creating a connection with your followers will keep them coming back and choosing you, when they’re ready, over your competitors.

Putting content aside, the biggest thing I found with social media in 2019 is engaging with your followers. You’re posting content to get people interested in your business, but when they comment, you don’t reply. Sound familiar? If this is you, stop! You need to be replying to all comments that are left on your posts, whether they’re spammy or not. That’s not all though. When your followers post something, make sure to like it and comment something relevant. A comment that shows you’ve actually taken in what they’ve posted shows that you care. And caring is huge!

I should probably say that social media is a longer term strategy and you can’t expect to see any bottom line results instantly. But with time, you’ll begin to see your efforts play out.

Use these tips and you’re sure to see an improvement in your social media results for 2019.